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If you already have several credits in progress (at least two, consumption or real estate), the repurchase of credit can open up new prospects. The principle of credit redemption is simple: your credits are grouped into one, and the repayment period is extended. You then only have to pay one monthly instalment, the amount of which is less than all of your old monthly instalments. Consequence: your debt ratio is revised downwards. You can thus consider new projects, such as financing your motorhome. To benefit from a preferential loan rate, the idea is to match your car or motorhome loan to your loan repurchase. It is indeed possible! As for a classic loan, think about simulation tools in order to put the offers in parallel. guaranteed buy now pay later

Tie up my credit redemption file

Convinced of the advantages that a credit buyback can offer you? To convince in your turn the bank to grant it to you and to have a hand in matters of negotiation, you will have to put together a file. Concrete! A loan repurchase file must include several elements, relating in particular to:

Make sure that your file is complete (refer to the information sent to you after acceptance of the buyback), and do not delay sending it to your bank. This will demonstrate your seriousness.

What about borrower insurance and motorhome insurance?

Whether or not a vehicle is dedicated to leisure and whether it is new or second-hand, it must be at least third-party insured. This insurance formula covers bodily or material damage caused to others. It is intended in particular for vehicles that are little used or old. If you only plan to go camping for one or two weeks a year, that may be enough. For better coverage, you should opt for extended third party insurance or even comprehensive insurance (highest level of insurance). Borrower insurance is not compulsory. But in general, when the amount borrowed is large, this insurance is strongly recommended. There are two possibilities for this. You can :

You have all the information you need regarding motorhome credit. From our platform, perform a credit simulation or loan repurchase for free by determining the financing terms most suited to your project but also to your financial situation. Younited is simple, fast and crystal clear! Are you ready for a great camping adventure?

The three key points to remember about the motorhome loan