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Despite popular belief, not all Americans eat just pizza, burgers, and fries. The truth is, America is so diverse that there are an incredible number of regional delicacies. Some are unique to a region, so you have to travel there to taste them. This is so true that some Americans are even unaware of the existence of certain dishes that we are going to present to you!

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just American specialties that you are highly likely to encounter in these regions, and which are delicious. And if that doesn't tempt you, rest assured: you can always go for a pizza, burger, or fries, available from Florida to Alaska! To make things easier, we will indicate the names of dishes in English.

Northeast United States Specialties

If you are fond of seafood and bread, you are in for a treat in the Northeastern United States. Depending on who you ask the question, this region encompasses different states. To clarify things, this region includes according to us all the states between Maine and Washington DC The northern part of this region, known as New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Rhode Island), is famous for its seafood and fish dishes. Further south, in states such as Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, diets are based more on meat and starches. Here are some dishes we recommend.

• Lobster roll (New England, especially in Maine): this sandwich is made with lobster as its main ingredient.

• Clam chowder (New England): we can translate clam chowder as clam chowder, a thick shellfish soup. The recipe includes cream and potatoes. There is also a Manhattan version of this soup, made with tomatoes. But the first version is the most widespread.

• Crab cakes (Maryland): Maryland crab cakes are a delicious specialty. Don't be too tight-fisted, the cheaper the crab cakes, the less crab there is!

• Boston cream pie/donut (Boston, Massachusetts): finally a dessert! The name Boston Cream Pie is somewhat misleading considering it is a butter cake filled with custard and covered in chocolate. This specialty also exists in a solo version, namely the filled donut.

• Buffalo wings (Buffalo, NY): Actually, you can order Buffalo wings at many restaurants across the United States. But you might as well try them in the city that invented this recipe for grilled chicken wings served with a spicy Tabasco sauce.

• Pizza (New York City and New Haven, Connecticut): One pizza on our list? Let's be honest, it would be almost criminal to go to New York and not try the local pizza. Whether it's a simple take-out or a restaurant, this is a must-try New York specialty. New Haven has its specialty, Clam Pizza. It sounds odd, but it is divine.

• Bagels (NYC): After pizza, the other great New York specialty is the bagel. Some bakeries specialize in bagels. Those most faithful to tradition refuse to toast the bagels they sell, even if it means losing customers.

• Cheesesteak (Philadelphia): a good steak, melted cheese, and bread: what's not to love? This is what Philadelphia cheesesteak is all about, a sandwich that gives pride of place to meat and cheese. Some variations include onions or peppers. But the traditional recipe uses baguette-style bread, the steak sliced ​​into thin strips, and melted cheese. Not only is it tasty, but it's also very nutritious - if you eat this for lunch, you might just skip dinner! Ideal for calming your stomach during a road trip in the United States.

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