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Old Sheldon Church near Beaufort, South Carolina

The ruins of Old Sheldon Church are a must-visit for anyone traveling to South Carolina. The breathtaking beauty of the ruined building provides a stark contrast to the stunning landscape. Prince William's Parish Church was one of the first Greek Renaissance structures in the United States when it was built, but the pre-revolutionary church has been in ruins for decades.

Columbia statehouse

Dating back over 150 years, Columbia State House is one of South Carolina's finest buildings. The Greek Revival-style building is home to several significant monuments, including the African American History Monument and the Confederate Monument, as well as monuments of important American figures such as President George Washington. Because of the importance of Columbia State House, it has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

UFO Visitor Center

Bowman's UFO Visitor Center is perhaps South Carolina's most unusual tourist destination. The centerpiece of the attraction is a 42-foot-wide flying saucer made from a mix of materials including plastic, fiberglass, and wood. Visitors can even enter the UFO via a powered ramp. The center is without a doubt one of the most unique days available in the state.

Huntington marsh

Located in Murrells Inlet, Huntington Marsh is one of South Carolina's most beautiful natural landscapes. Tourists flock to visit the Murrells Inlet Marsh, a short walk lined with many superb restaurants. Murrells Inlet is known as the seafood capital of South Carolina. The area is also home to a series of superb golf courses. Atalaya, Richmond Hill, and the historic district of Murrells Inlet are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Caesars Head State Park

Caesars Head National Park is so named because of the eponymous awe-inspiring rock formation that dominates the park, but the two-mile Raven Cliff Falls Trail is undoubtedly the star attraction. The 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls can be viewed from two publicly accessible vantage points on a suspension bridge, providing great views. Camping and hiking the trails are popular activities in the park. In addition to the gigantic Raven Cliff Falls, you can enjoy five other waterfalls at this site.

Isle of Palms

Just 12 miles from downtown Charleston lies the incomparable beauty of the Isle of Palms. Barrier Island is separated from mainland South Carolina by the Intracoastal Waterway. Isle of Palms is home to a thriving community, but visitors may be more interested in the beautiful sunsets that can be enjoyed in this charming corner of the state. Beach volleyball, golf, and tennis are also very popular in this athletic community.

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