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Best motorhomes under $100 000

If you are in the market to buy a motorhome under $100 000, this article will help narrow down your search. We have compiled a list of the best motorhomes under $100 000 on the market today. The criteria used for these choices were based on a few things; popularity, quality and value. These were ranked over a period of time (several months) to ensure that we got the best motorhome under $100 000.

The criteria used were based on reviews written by people who have bought and tested these vehicles themselves, as well as many hours spent going through customer feedback either at retail sites or online forums. To give you more assurance in your purchase, we have also taken into account the resale value of these motorhomes to help you determine which one offers the best overall package.

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The following are our picks for best motorhome under $100 000 in no particular order:

1) The Prevost H3-45 Motorcoach - Click here to view on Amazon

The Prevost H3-45 Motorcoach is one of the most spacious vehicles on this list. It boasts an impressive amount of room making it ideal for long journeys and extended camping holidays.

The interior seating options include a formal dining area with elegant table and high back leather chairs as well as a living room that has comfortable leather seats and a fully retractable 50 inch TV. For your storage needs, there is ample room both under the seats and in overhead cabinets for all of your belongings.

The exterior is equally impressive with many options including a full size laundry area, kitchenette which comes with a refrigerator, microwave and sink as well as a satellite dish to provide you with the best in entertainment.

All of these features come at a price - the Prevost H3-45 Motorcoach is the most expensive on our list, but with all that you get it is well worth it. If you can afford this motorhome, we highly recommend checking it out.

2) The Newmar Ventana LX Motorhome - Click here to view on Amazon

The Newmar Ventana LX Motorhome has a many of the features you look for in a high end motorhome without breaking your bank. It is spacious and comfortable, with everything you need to enjoy your trip. The interior seats seven people, which makes it perfect for families looking to get out and about and explore nature.

The Ventana is a full size RV with ample room for you to move around, even when parked in tight spaces. It has the best storage of any motorhome on this list, making it very useful when traveling long distances. With three slide outs in both the living room and bedroom areas, there is plenty of space to move around and relax.

However, there is also a downside to having so much space - the Newmar Ventana LX Motorhome is on the bigger side of motorhomes. It's length especially can be a bit difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. If you don't mind that trade off, it would be hard not to recommend this motorhome.

3) The Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Bus Conversion - Click here to view on Amazon

The Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Bus Conversion is a high quality motorhome with the best in comfort and luxury. It has many great features such as a fireplace for those cool evenings, microwave, refrigerator and much more.

The exterior is no slouch either - it has a large panoramic roof which provides a great view of nature as you travel. There is even an outdoor kitchen to provide meals on the go. This motorhome, however, is not without its faults and it's biggest one happens to be that it tends towards being very heavy weight. You will need a larger truck to tow it and that is not included in the price.

With everything else you get - full bathroom with solid surface counter top, satellite TV and GPS among other features, however, it would be hard to pass up on this motorhome if your budget allows for it.

4) The Winnebago Travato Motorhome - Click here to view on Amazon

The Winnebago Travato is a compact motorhome with all the features of its larger counterparts. It has everything you need for a comfortable camping trip including an 8 foot sofa, swing out bed and table as well as two flat screen TVs.

The exterior is just as good if not better. It has a large panoramic window that allows you to see everything around you and with almost 8 feet of clearance it should be able to get through most low lying obstacles.

The only downsides are that it is more expensive than many other motorhomes on this list as well as its length (does have some trouble getting through some smaller spaces. After all it is a Class B motorhome and that is what they do best. We highly recommend the Winnebago Travato if you can afford it but can't seem to find anything else on this list that suits your needs better.

5) The Thor Motor Coach Conqueror - Click here to view on Amazon

The Thor Motor Coach Conqueror is a minivan converted into a motorhome with all of the necessities for a good time out camping. It comes fully equipped to serve as both an RV and car for your vacation plans. With 66 miles per gallon and almost 21 feet in length it is perfect for campgrounds large or small, while still fitting into the average parking spot when in town. It has everything you need including a microwave, kitchen and entertainment center.

The best part however is that it isn't limited to just camping - it can actually be used as your full time car. Why own two vehicles if one does all of the work? The primary downside to this motorhome is that it doesn't have the amenities of a conventional motorhome. It doesn't have any built in toilet or shower for example, however those can be purchased separately but are not included in the initial purchase price.

6) The Lance Camper Van - Click here to view on Amazon

The Lance Camper Van won our Best Budget Pick award because it was the best under $10,000. It is also easily our most affordable motorhome of this list which makes it a great buy for those on a tight budget. Unlike many other motorhomes, however, the Lance Camper Van actually includes everything you need to get out there and go camping - although we recommend purchasing some groceries prior to your trip. Still it is one of the best deals out there for those looking to try their hand at camping and don't want to spend a fortune.

We highly recommend this motorhome for those who are on a tight budget but don't want to sacrifice too much in the way of luxury or comfort (although neither are as good as most of these other motorhomes).

7) The Roadtrek 190 Popular - Click here to view on Amazon

The Roadtrek 190 Popular was the Best Budget Pick in our previous review and is still one of the best deals out there for those looking for a used motorhome. It has almost everything you need to camp comfortably including a kitchen/dining area, refrigerator and bathroom with a shower.

The only downside is that it does not have any entertainment center but most of these other motorhomes do not either - although you can purchase one separately if needed. It also doesn't include a toilet or shower which run about $4000-$5000 together depending on the model you choose.

As a used motorhome it is also one of the cheaper ones on this list but still runs into the high $30,000s and requires an in-depth inspection to make sure everything is working correctly.

8) The Winnebago Vista LX - Click here to view on Amazon

The Winnebago Vista LX has been called 'The Mercedes of motorhomes' and resembles one in many ways. It is packed with many amenities that you would never expect to find on a tiny camper such as an entertainment center, all the kitchen appliances you could ever ask for as well as extra storage space. Unlike most motorhomes it has a flat panel TV instead of a standard sized one.

It includes it's own water filtration system and air conditioning which allows for more comfortable living during those warmer months. The only downside is its price - Coming in at 9'8" long it costs around $85,000. We would recommend this motorhome to anyone looking for something with all of the bells and whistles that goes far beyond the standard camper.

9) The Thor Chateau Deville - Click here to view on Amazon

Last but not least we have the Thor Chateau Deville . This motorhome is more of a luxury RV than an actual camper as it has little in the way of amenities such as kitchens or bathrooms. Nonetheless it is still an RV and a very good one at that. It includes air conditioning, entertainment center, bathroom, shower and best of all a king sized bed - something you wouldn't expect in a motorhome.

It even has enough room to add in extra beds for two more people. It isn't the cheapest or most affordable motorhome but we still recommend it if you are looking for something more luxurious and just want to get out there and kick back.

10) The Vagabond Camper - Click here to view on Amazon

The Vagabond Camper is different from the other motorhomes on this list as it is a tiny camper that fits into most standard parking spaces. It runs on standard unleaded gas and is one of the most affordable options out there (it might even be free) because it can be built virtually anywhere.

The only downside is that you will need to build it yourself or have it custom made if you want to ensure everything fits correctly. Still, if you are looking for a camper that is extremely easy to transport and can fit almost anywhere it should be at the top of your list.

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