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If you travel to the Big Apple for the first time, you will be sweating the fat drop of what is coming to you, since the number of tourist places in New York exceeds any forecast, even for the most seasoned traveller.


We put her in the first position because she is one of those that will be an icon in the future and that currently creates a lot of controversy between detractors and defenders. We started the post of the places to visit in New York with controversy in its first monument. Do you like it? Are you fans or haters? We declare ourselves fans of the monument. we love the exterior and the incredible interior lobby, a huge column-free space that also houses a 2-story shopping mall.

Empire State And Its Observatories To See New York From Above

On July 29, 2019, the second phase Experience of the Empire State Building Observatory was inaugurated. As you ascend to the viewpoints through elevators and corridors, you will visit an interactive exhibition that will take you from the construction of the Empire State Building to the present day. You will also see a replica of the original structure of the building, enter a 180º surround sound theatre with 72 screens showing advertisements, movies and comics. And see King Kong face to face.

Statue Of Liberty

Another classic of the places to visit is New York. And what am I going to tell you about the Statue of Liberty? Well, I could explain the classic and essential, which is:

What To See On The Island Of The Statue Of Liberty?

And after these wonderful data, I am going to give you a brushstroke of the things that will interest you in the visit and that I promise to make a post shortly explaining the top 8 tips for visiting the Statue of Liberty:

Fifth Avenue And 42nd Street, The Essential Streets To See In New York

Fifth Avenue is undoubtedly the most famous street to see in New York, but I wanted to add 42nd Street in this section because it is my favourite and, in my opinion, just as important and more rewarding to walk.

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The best private mansions of millionaires in the city once stood on Fifth Avenue. With the arrival of businesses in the area, these millionaires moved to the upper part of the city while companies and luxury stores settled there.