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The ideal model for buyers over 50 is a relatively small RV towing vehicle that costs less than $ 20,000. Some used can be found for as little as $ 5,000, according to Mike Quincy, a Consumer Reports auto writer.

Towable trailers have rigid walls and an interior height of 6½ or 7 feet, so the total height, including the tires, will be much less than the 12 feet needed to get under bridges and overpasses with ease. However, you won't be able to get under your 7-foot garage door.

Lighter stretch trailers can be 5 feet tall (including tires) when closed, but expand to about the same height as rigid trailers when you stop for the night. The extendable walls are made of a flexible material similar to that of a tent, and when put together, the rigid-sided box expands outward, sometimes in all four directions, so you will enjoy the outside environment more in an extendable caravan, which can be great when the weather is nice, but maybe a little wet if it rains.

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Some models of trailer homes and stretch caravans may be equipped with a utility toilet and shower.

10 tips for choosing an RV

  1. Do some research on the internetbefore going to a dealership and read the reviews.Person Holding Black Ceramic Teapot
  2. Rent a vehicle exactly likethe one you want to buy to try it out for a week.
  3. Talk tocurrent owners of the model you like before making your purchase.
  4. Think of an RV, maybe a little bigger than you want instead of being too small.
  5. Get afull explanation of how it all works.
  6. Make sureyour car or truck can tow the caravan when loaded.
  7. Ask the salespersonto take a practice tour with you before you commit to buying.
  8. Acceptthat the bed will not be as comfortable as the one you have at home.
  9. Verifythat the air conditioning system you buy has enough power for hot summer days.
  10. Find outabout the warranty; most are one year old.

There are other types of trailer caravans, called fifth wheels, that you won't be able to find for less than $ 20,000 if it's new. The price of a luxury fifth wheel camper can compete with that of a bus-style RV. These caravans must be used with a truck that has a special gooseneck hitch to attach the trailer to the truck bed.

Since new caravans tend to depreciate quickly, it's more sensible to try renting or buying a used one. Still, keep in mind that there is so much interest in RVs this summer that it will be difficult to find a place at camp or in a state park.