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Whoever buys a car for the first time starts with a whole new experience. If you take the process seriously, then you can learn a lot from learning along the way. It will probably be a bumpy road where many choices have to be made. One of those choices is: do you opt for a car loan or do you pay the car with cash?

Buying a car, you do not do it every day. And the purchase of a first car can be something very special. The most important question that is presented to you: where do you get the money from? You can on the one hand lend an amount and on the other save enough until you can pay that car with the amount saved in cash. Both options have advantages and disadvantages: an overview.

The pros and cons of cash versus bank financing of a car

Paying no interest to a financial institution is probably the biggest advantage when you pay a new car in cash. A car reduces in value, a stark contrast to someone who opts for an investment in shares. After all, you hope that they will increase in value. Paying interest for something that falls in value is synonymous with losing money and that in two ways. In general, this is not good.

Another advantage of paying a new car with cash is that you immediately own the car . What you simply give more options. Anyone who opts for a car loan and has to deal with hard financial problems, runs the risk that the bank will be able to take the car when you can no longer pay. If you buy the car immediately with your own money, then the car is yours and there is no question of a threat. You can still be forced to sell the car, but you have more control over it. Maybe you have a great commercial talent and you sell the car at a higher price than the purchase price.

Moreover, with a cash payment you avoid all the hassle of a loan . No monthly payments, no negotiations with the bank. A simple check and it is arranged. Ready and clear.

The big disadvantage of paying with cash: you have to have the money . Cars can cost a lot of money and not everyone has money available. In that case it is quite interesting to re-evaluate how much money you really need to buy a car. Moreover, all the cash you spend on a car can not be used for another purchase or investment. The cost of this depends on what you would do with the money.

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