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To buy a car, you need to show your credit history. A credit history is the one which shows whether you are capable of making it or not, and for this reason; we will advise that you should first ask yourself if you can afford to make a monthly payment on time and how much loan do you think will be suitable for your purchasing like: if "$500 per month" will be fine with you then go ahead and write it down as well as put down "12 months" as the duration.

After doing these two things, now apply at the bank so they can give their opinion on it as well as find whether or not your record qualifies for a loan. In order to know whether your file qualifies or not, they usually check records between the past three years. After everything is done and "eligible" for you to go ahead, then the bank will send someone to check your car which you want to buy as well as its present condition.

When you rent a car to buy, make sure that it falls within your credit score or their rental policy doesn't have anything about having "a good credit history". If they ask for this from you at first and if you can not provide one, never ever give up because there are companies who do not mean that at all!

If you think that will be a problem for them to approve a loan with no credit file or whatsoever, don't let yourself down by thinking this way because what's really important here is whether or not you can make transactions and be able to make it on time.

How long does the approval process takes so I know when my first payment will come?

It usually takes between three days up to ten days after your application has been submitted and everything is provided with accurate information so we can help you out the best we can. After everything is done and on time, your first payment will be on its way so wait for our call or text message to let you know when it's all set!

If you want to own a car but can't afford one, contact us today! We will help you out by letting you rent it and we will do everything we can for you until you decide that it's tall enough and decided to buy the car at once. Don't miss this chance because many people would like to take advantage of our program as well as make rental payments on time which is what makes them save the money they need for buying the cars they want.