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As the title suggests, the Camper personal loan is given to the customer who intends to buy a new vehicle of this nature. The finance company advances the amount we need and allows us to conclude the deal with a single payment. The applicant easily obtains the sum he needs, as the amounts payable include minimal and modest amounts, but also large sums. From the month following the signing of the loan, the debtor begins to repay the financial institution with small monthly payments. The instalments are meant to be minimal and not burden the debtor's personal economy. This also has the possibility to change the terms at any time, even after the compensation has begun.

The loan can be requested through the dedicated area on the financial website. The online application is practical and fast, but also secure thanks to the digital signature. The loan approval and issuance times are usually quite short of granting the beneficiary the sum he needs in the shortest possible time.

Flexible monthly payments

To offer the beneficiary a loan that is truly created to the extent of his economic possibilities, two options on instalments  have been added. With these services, the debtor always has the financial situation under control, as he can make changes to the agreement at any time. With the Skip Installment, it is possible to move a monthly payment, or more than one, if necessary. If the customer is in financial difficulty for a month or has incurred too many expenses, postpone the balance of the current month's installment in order not to risk finding himself short of resources. All unpaid instalments  will then be paid at the end of the loan, the month after the one outlined as the final term of the signed agreement. If, on the other hand, the applicant wishes to change the value of the instalments , he can use the Installment Change. This option allows the debtor to establish a new amount of the installment, which can be higher or lower than the initial one.

Options on Instalments 

Skip Installation - It allows the applicant to skip the payment of one or more instalments . It allows the debtor to change the value of the monthly payment.

Exchange Installment - The unpaid instalments  will be paid at the end of the loan. By increasing the installment, the repayment times will be shortened; by decreasing the installment; instead, they will be extended.

Accessing the services for the instalments  does not involve any additional cost, nor are there any delays or penalties. The only change that the loan can undergo as a result concerns the debt settlement time. By changing the value of the installment, we can have more or less long times to compensate for the financial. If, on the other hand, we postpone some payments, we will then have to pay them at the end of the agreement, thus taking further months to return the money received.