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Driving a car, SUV, or truck will be different even with a small trailer attached. Here are some tips to drive it in the best possible way.

Load Your Luggage forward and place the heaviest in front of the axle of the caravan; place it in the center and tie it. Pack only the essentials.

Attaches The Caravan To The Vehicle correctly, including the hitch, the cable for the caravan brakes and the cable for the emergency braking system that stops the caravan safely if it is released from the vehicle.

Check The Pressure Of The vehicle and caravan tires to inflate them correctly. Also take into account the speed ratings of the caravan's tires, which are often 60 to 65 mph, and drive below that top speed.

Practice Backing , braking, and maneuvering in an open space, such as an empty parking lot, before hitting the road. Make sure you can see the rear of the caravan in both side mirrors.

Empty Sewage and gray water tanks frequently while traveling to reduce weight and increase gas mileage. For the same reason, wait until camping to fill your drinking water tank instead of filling it at home.

Drive Slower than you would with your car and get used to doing it in the slowest lane. The added weight will make you need more time to accelerate and brake. Since the center of gravity is higher in most trailers than in cars, they can tip over more easily. If you brake hard, the vehicle could skid or roll crosswise.

Use Your Turn Signals and pay attention to other vehicles that may get in front of you. You must keep a sufficient distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Be Prepared To Make Wide Turns So You do n't hit anything inside the curve and avoid making turns of less than 90 degrees.

Be Careful With The Stability of the caravan. If a large vehicle passes you at high speed, such as a trailer truck, your caravan may rock from side to side. Strong winds or high speeds can also cause that problem. Don't try to turn the steering wheel the other way; This is not an ice covered parking lot. Instead, take your foot off the gas to slow down by at least 10 mph. Don't hit the brakes. Keep the steering wheel straight. As soon as possible, stop to rearrange the load in the caravan and put at least 60% of the weight in the front.