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Research Verification (RV) program was created in 1935 by President Roosevelt to provide primary employment for Americans during the depression and aid with economic development of rural areas.

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Verifiers check soil erosion, identify navigable waterways and investigate housing conditions and designs. In short, they answer questions about potential where there is perceived need.

In the past, Verifiers were able to travel around the country and look for projects that needed assistance. That ended in 1939 with the advent of WWII. Many Verifiers joined the military or took other jobs to support their families during war times. Since then, people have been asking how they can get involved again in rural development and just receive a 'No' or silence as an answer.

Verification is looking for people who are willing to relocate for several months at a time, each year, for up to five years. Most of the work is done in outlying areas without many job opportunities so applicants need to be self-directed and able to get along with others. Verifiers work alone and are responsible for their own equipment, transportation and subsistence costs while on assignment.

In the past, projects have included road building to provide access to grazing lands, building water tanks to sustain a community during times of drought or moving entire towns that were threatened by natural disasters such as flooding or fires. Verifiers also provided information on the availability of raw materials needed for war time production and investigated environmental issues. Any project that helps America's rural communities is a fit for RV.

The current status of RV program is uncertain. The land management agencies continue to sell off large parcels of land they can no longer maintain, thus creating new areas in need of assistance by Verifiers. There is a need for more people willing to support new lifestyles that are very different from what most people are accustomed.

RV program was designed to help the rural communities of America and still serves that purpose today. Verifiers have an opportunity to be part of history, not just as actors, but also historians who can tell future generations about how things were in the past. The Verification program is a tool for economic development, helping to improve living conditions of rural communities while providing an opportunity to work and live away from what we consider normal.

Verification may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth checking out! Contact any organization of your choice to ask a Verification officer about program requirements and benefits.

If you want to get RV but do not have time to look into it yourself, Community Action Agency of Fayette County can help you. Fill out the eligibility form on our website and we will forward it to Verification officers for assistance with application process. Community Action Agency of Fayette County is a government agency that can provide you with assistance with finding a job, transportation to work and housing. We will also help you apply for financial aid in the form of SNAP benefits (food stamps) and Medicaid.

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