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Is it a good time to buy a car? The answer is yes.

Without a doubt, after COVID-19, many things have changed in our way of living and interacting with society, and one of the aspects that you should consider is the purchase of a car. Why? Here we explain it to you.

For Hygiene

In another note we explain the measures you must take in your car , as well as in the case that you use a taxi or an application, you can follow these recommendations without further complication. By having your own car, you have control of the hygiene of the vehicle and of the people with whom you decide to share it, something you cannot do when using public transport.

For Security

The COVID-19 took us all by surprise and scientific teams around the world are learning about the virus, so our way to protect ourselves is to follow the instructions.

If you are part of the sectors that can now return to their activities, a car of your own would help you make your trips from home to work more safely and social distancing instructions more easily. You can also be prepared for the time when you can go out again for recreational purposes or small trips.

To Take With You What You Need

Another thing we have learned these days is that we must be more aware of our cleaning measures, both for ourselves and our companions. That is why today we must carry antibacterial gel, soap or sheets of soap to wash our hands, as well as additional face masks in case someone needs them.

It is worth mentioning that there are companies or sectors that must also comply with the use of disposable gowns, goggles or protective face mask, as well as gloves, so having a car will allow you to carry all these things without problem , even a change of clothes extra for any unforeseen.

Because We Offer You Promotions And Facilities

We are attentive to the current situation, so we offer financing plans and car deals to make it easy for you to acquire a new car through our different financing plans.

But it is not only about new cars, you also have the possibility of acquiring a used car through us , with different models that adapt to your needs and budget.

With these options, we want to protect you and your family, so you can start to configure your car on our website or learn about the options that we have on its page.