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Loan rejected, what to do? Simple! Ask us for a Free Estimate, even if you have been denied another loan. Within the next 24 hours, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to define the details of your request. In a practical and simple way, from the comfort of your armchair, you can get a new personal loan.

Loan Rejected: are you a bad payer?

Often the reasons for the refusal of a personal loan are related to reports in the database (CTC), therefore to the delay in the payment of the instalments in progress. These reports remain in the credit systems for a certain period of time, which varies according to the number of unpaid instalments . In these cases, we will talk about bad payers, and for most financial companies, this position is not favourable for the granting of a new loan.

However, there is a solution thanks to which you can get the loan you are looking for, carry out the projects you want. In fact, if you are an employee or a retiree, we have the Solution! Thanks to the assignment of the fifth and/or payment proxy, you can get up to $ 50,000 and repay your instalments up to 120 months!

This financing is, therefore, flexible and offers very advantageous conditions. In fact, the loan already includes two insurance coverage and employment risk (logically valid only for employees) and life risk. In this way, you will be more serene to face this new loan, guaranteeing you all the serenity you need.

Rejected Loan: how to apply?

Visit the website and enter the information, useful for getting in touch with you. The data are processed in compliance with current privacy regulations and will not be forwarded to major credit databases.

On receipt of your request within 24 hours and one of our experts will contact you to exchange with the best solution for financing. If you find our solution interesting, you will arrange an appointment with our consultant, even at home.