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There are things to consider before buying an RV: What type of RV do you need and want a new or used RV? There are motorhomes and trailers.

Pop-up campers, truck campers, and small travel trailers are often the best way to make the RV lifestyle easier. For those looking for more space, investing in a medium to a large travel trailer or fifth wheel RV is the way to go.

While most towable from motorhomes to RVs offer the same functionality and features, sometimes it comes down to the size of the trailer or RV due to the comfort level of those who travel and use it.

Once you've decided what type of RV you need, you'll need to calculate your budget and financing. Most RV dealerships offer financing through a variety of lenders. You can also apply for a vehicle loan from your bank or a third party to help finance it.

If you can finance through your dealer, you will get interest rates closer to what your bank would offer with good credit. If you finance through a third-party lender, you will often pay a higher interest rate. It is important to ensure that you can afford the monthly payments on an RV or trailer, as well as looking to pay it off as soon as possible whenever possible.

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When you buy a new RV, you get a model that is anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months off the assembly line. In some cases, you can even get an RV or trailer directly from the manufacturer. This means the RV is brand new with the features or customizations you chose at the dealership.

When buying a used motorhome, watch out for the buyer because you never know for sure what might be wrong or what will have to be fixed in the future. These corrections can add up.

Advantages of buying a used RV

Cons of buying a used RV


New and used motorhomes have their place for motorhomes. When starting out, it pays to buy a used RV. You are safer if you buy a used RV from a dealer than a private buyer, but you may still run into problems that are difficult to handle