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Financing a camper: 5 tips to borrow money for a camper

Saving for your camper is of course wise and cheaper than  borrowing money . But you might not want to wait that long. With a loan for a camper, you already have it in your possession tomorrow, so to speak. If you decide to borrow for your motorhome, we will help you with the tips below to keep costs within bounds.

1. Which loan to choose camper?

Do you already have the camper of your dreams in mind and do you know what it will cost? Then a personal loan is the best form of loan. You know exactly how much you borrow, what it costs and when the loan for your camper has been paid. Well organized.

Would you like a better idea to be able to withdraw the repaid amount, for example for the inventory of your motorhome? Then a revolving credit is perhaps a better loan form.

Tip! Whichever loan form you choose, you'd better calculate your maximum loan in advance to see how much you can borrow responsibly!

2. Determine the term of the motorhome loan

With a personal loan for motorhome, you agree with the bank or credit company how long the loan will last. In general, the longer the term, the lower the monthly costs. But don't just choose the longest term! If your camper has had its best time, you don't want to be left with a loan. So choose a term that matches the expected life of the camper.

3. Financing the camper via dealer

Dealers often offer to pay the camper in installments. Interest is often charged for this that is higher than the interest on a loan from the bank. Always first compare what is cheaper yourself, a camper loan through the bank or through the dealer.

4. Conditions for borrowing money for a camper

A low interest rate already saves a lot in costs. The right conditions too! Free repayments means that you get rid of your camper loan earlier and therefore pay interest costs for less time.

5. Choose a motorhome loan provider

Most people who apply for a camper or mobile home loan go straight to their 'home bank'. Nice and familiar. But then you are probably a thief of your own wallet. The major banks charge higher interest rates than the smaller, online lenders. A good comparison can save you a lot of money. This way you will have some money left to spend during your camper trips.

Finance bonus tip at camer!

You are obliged to insure a minimum of third-party insurance. But if you borrow money for the camper, we recommend all-risk insurance. With this you will receive enough money back in case of total loss or theft to pay off the rest of the loan. With the above tips, you are well prepared in terms of money matters and you can search for a campsite for a well-deserved holiday without any worries !

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