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Parents are children's first teachers and home is the first classroom.

As key learning and development resources, parents help shape children's social, emotional, and physical development so that they can be successful in and out of school.

In California Families, schools, and the community are required to work together and in mutual agreement to support student success, and this means that they commit to doing something to make this possible.

10 Tips For Parents

As a parent, you can reinforce this important family-school collaboration at home. To help your children be better prepared, to guide them, and to expand their school learning opportunities, you can do the following:

• Establish a daily family routine that includes good eating and sleeping habits.
• Allocate a place at home and a time to do homework.
• Review homework, homework, and projects
• Talk to your child every day about his / her activities
• Promote literacy, read books, and also read to your child
• Limit and supervise the time they watch television, play games, or spend on social networks and the computer.
• Express to your child that you have high expectations and standards in their learning.
• Attend parent-teacher conferences, reception days, and back-to-school events.
• Participate in decisions that affect your child's education
• Take advantage of community resources and visit libraries, museums, zoos, and theaters, and encourage participation in after-school clubs, sports, and arts activities.

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Having committed parents is a key factor in helping students and schools succeed. With families, schools, and communities working together as partners, student achievement is better and children are better equipped to lead happy and productive lives.

Stay connected

With pre-teens and teens, staying connected to student learning is essential. However, studies show that parental involvement in school declines as students move from elementary school to middle school and high school.

With this transition to the upper grades, parents are often faced with new challenges, including discovering ways to better support student success at home.

Parents can be involved in many ways in middle school and high school. Reviewing homework, talking more about college and career options, attending school reception days, or volunteering at one of the PTA clubs - your involvement as a parent makes a difference.

By knowing what is happening in the classroom and at school, you can help your students focus on the course and school activities to ensure they are prepared for college and/or career.