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Before moving on to the search, it is better to go to a major dealer to see the motorhomes with your own eyes, feel them with your hands and lie on the crib.

Google the RV * dealer, find the closest one with the best reviews and drive there.

* RV (recreational vehicle) - as they call home in the States, motorhomes are used to a lesser extent.

Here you can see a variety of models in many modifications. You will have an idea of ​​what you want and what kind of house you need.

If you've never travelled in an RV, it's a good idea to rent a house for a few days. Get to know better and see in practice that this is exactly for you.

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Orient you on the prices of second-hand class the C.

I would say that it is realistic to buy a mobile home that does not require any serious investments and will easily serve faithfully for several more years, starting from $ 8000- $ 12,000.

Such options are not uncommon. These will be motorhomes from 1995-2000.

For example, our 1995 Ford Tioga Montara caravan repairing the box cost $ 9000. We lived in it for six months and travelled from the USA to Panama, having covered 8000 km. We did not experience any serious problems, except for the repair of the box at the beginning.

An acquaintance of ours travelled through Mexico for six months in a 1986 motorhome he bought for $ 4,000 and also without any special incidents.

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Always frame.

Let's say you have $ 20,000; then you can consider options in the range from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. In this case, there will be a greater vision and understanding of the market. Plus, there is almost always a bargaining opportunity.

Where will the route run?

The US has large spaces, roads and parking lots. There are no problems with the size of the motorhome. We travelled around Mexico and Central America in a 24-foot house. It takes up just over one and a half parking spaces in length. If it were larger, for example, 26-27 feet, we would have encountered many difficulties in order to drive through the centre of some colonial cities.

How long will you spend at the RV?

This is important because when people are together for a long time in a confined space, emotional fatigue builds up faster. We diluted overnight stays in Airbnb caravans and campgrounds. Accordingly, the more time you spend in the house, the more space you want to have.

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Decide which layout you like and which will definitely not work. The location inside depends a lot on the size of the house. Large RVs (over 27 feet) have a bedroom at the back, which is effectively a separate room.

In medium-sized motorhomes, you can also find options with a bed in the back. This is exactly what we had. We hung up the curtain, thereby dividing the space of the motorhome into two parts. Here the entrance is at the front of the house. If the front door is at the back, then along the entire back wall there will be a toilet/bath or kitchen. With this layout, it will no longer be possible to divide the space.