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Not sure which tourist places to visit in New York? When you travel to New York you want to see everything. Going up to the Empire State Building, going to the Statue of Liberty, and if you hurry me, even touring Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. Come on, everything you've ever seen in movies. If there is a city where you can see and make a thousand different plans, that is New York. But among all the essential places in New York, there are some that after a lot of trips we get tired of recommending you because they are moments to remember for a lifetime. Shall we start?

Broadway, one of the essentials in New York

We recommend it 100%. Let's say we can include it among the essential places to visit in New York because traveling to New York and not seeing a musical on Broadway? Come now!!

But, where to buy tickets to see a Broadway musical? You have two options:

Tickets online to see a Broadway musical

The last time we visited New York we indulged ourselves, and we were left with the memory of having seen the Broadway show we wanted.

This is our recommendation, and if this is the option you choose, we leave you the link so that you can reserve your ticket for the day and time you prefer, which we recommend.

The price is around $ 100, and our advice here is to choose a musical whose history you know well, in case you don't understand English well. The Disney musicals are perfect in this case, and if already are super productions, watching them on Broadway has a plus category.

Harlem to see a Gospel mass in New York

If you feel like going to see a Gospel Mass in New York, the most famous neighborhood to do it in Harlem. You can do it in different ways.

We give you all the details to see a Gospel mass in New York in this post, but here is a summary:

How to go to a Gospel Mass on your own

We have always done so and there is no type of danger or inconvenience to going to Harlem to see a Gospel mass. In fact, it is a highly recommended visit among the places to know in New York. Without a doubt a great experience !! 

Of course, much better on a Sunday morning, which is when Masses are celebrated in most churches in New York.

The most comfortable way to go to Harlem is by subway: Redline 2 or 3 north, direction 241 St, getting off at 125 th.

Although there are many, in this post, we also leave you the most famous churches in Harlem and Brooklyn to see a Gospel Mass.

Take a guided tour in Spanish to see a Gospel Mass

It is totally different from going on your own because they pick you up at your hotel (if you are staying in Manhattan) and in addition to seeing the Gospel Mass, there are other parts of Harlem that are very cool.

The  University of Columbia (the largest university in New York, where he taught Albert Einstein), the  Apollo Theater  (theater where big stars emerged, including Michael Jackson when he was part of the Jackson Five), The  Cotton Club (were inspired the movie of the same name and where they say Jazz was born), the  Magic Theater (created by NBA star Magic Johnson to help Harlem's African-American community) and  Grace's Mansion (official residence of the Mayor of New York ).

If you were planning to do the “Contrasts” tour, there is an option that includes the Gospel Mass and you can arrange the two visits on the same day: Contrasts Tour + Gospel Mass.

They also make a special offer for those who want to do both tours on the same day. This saves you $ 25 per person.

As it is held only on Sundays (when it is possible to attend gospel masses in the morning) it is important to plan it in advance.

Have brunch

After a gospel mass, one of the essentials in New York is to experience the typical American brunch on Sundays.

The brunch is this mix of breakfast and lunch, which is made in the schedule of our Spanish vermouth, but networking style.

We leave you the information of some of the most famous places in New York where to have brunch:

Central Park, essential places to visit in New York

You can take a walk through Central Park on foot or by bike. If you decide to walk it, think that it is immense. It is best to choose what you want to see. The other option is to take a walk without a destination.

If you like the idea of touring Central Park by bike, you can rent a bike online, and even take a guided tour of Central Park by bike. 

Brooklyn bridge

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the quintessential New York tourist spots, for one of the best views of New York.

🚇 To get to the Brooklyn Bridge from Times Square, the easiest way is to take the subway to the High St station of the blue line, which is the one that leaves you closest.

New York Skyline from Dumbo

Before crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, we recommend you go to 📍 Dumbo (a Brooklyn neighborhood to visit in New York) and go down to the riverbank to see NY, taking the Manhattan Bridge as a referenceYou will have amazing views day or night !!

Hudson Yards

Among the essential places to visit in New York, do not miss the new neighborhood of Hudson Yards, with attractions such as The Edge viewpoint, The Vessel sculpture, or the Little Spain Spanish food market.

We explain in detail how to visit and what to see at Hudson Yards.

Baseball match

On one of our trips, we booked tickets to see a baseball game in New York. The show is amazing, although the game seemed like a bummer, a bit long and slow. But we definitely recommend living the experience.


NBA basketball game

That is a real show that is worth seeing in NY !! We would tell you that it almost doesn't matter what happens on the track. We recorded it on our Instagram Stories in New York.

Regardless of the game, everything that surrounds the NBA is amazing. The cheers leaders come out (the cheerleaders that we are tired of seeing in movies with the «pompoms»), the people are super animated, there are dances among the public, suddenly on the screen, someone asks the bride to get married ... and of course, in the purest American style.

Anyway, one of the things worth doing in New York, especially for the experience. If you want, here are tickets to see the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Oculus, one of the most impressive subway stations to visit in New York, and perhaps the world. This work that looks like a skeleton or a white dove, is by the architect Santiago Calatrava. 

Little Italy

One of the most famous and touristic neighborhoods in New York that is worth a walkthrough. In Little Italy, you will find a lot of Italian restaurants, but if you trust us, try Lombardi's pizzasOne of the best Italian restaurants in New York.