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Bushkill Falls Nature Walk Experience the magnificent waterfall that is known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. Besides New York, today we will review Pennsylvania.

Bushkill Falls is in the Pocono Mountains, PA, a supervised tourist attraction. Both safety, cleanliness, including wooden bridges on the main routes, are well built for tourists to easily visit.

can follow other reviews which have been compiled in the reviews of traveling to the United States Part of it wants to be a diary to record and in case it's useful to others as well ^^

Getting To Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is located in Pocono Mountains, PA. Bushkill Falls is a 93 miles drive from New York in about 2 hours.

Nature Walk Map

If you're looking for a chill day out, relaxing, and close to nature, Bushkill Falls is a great choice. because there are many routes to choose to walk It will be a traverse through various waterfalls. shady atmosphere It's so cool.

The Trail Is Divided Into Four Sections. The

Green Trail (15 mins)

is a route to see Main Falls, the most beautiful and largest main waterfall. Easy to walk without having to climb

Yellow Trail (45 mins)

This route leads up to the top and bottoms of Main Falls, as well as The Lower Gorge Falls, Lauren Glen, and Upper Canyon.

Blue Trail (1 hr. 15 mins)

is a route to see the Pennell Falls.

Red Trail (2 hrs. 30 mins)

For those who want to Hike, the distance is approximately 2 miles, you can see both sides of the waterfall, wearing shoes with good grip will make the trip more fun. The walking path is not very difficult. It took more time but was able to absorb the pleasant atmosphere for a longer time.

For Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania, this is a group of waterfalls. There is a small waterfall for us to walk and enjoy. After passing through the gate, you will see Main Falls, a large and very tall waterfall, worthy of being known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania.

Well-built bridges and wooden stairs Harmonious with rocks, waterfalls, and surrounding atmosphere. Helping to travel more easily.

waterfall walk There will be bridges and wooden stairs that are well built. Harmonious with rocks, waterfalls, and the surrounding atmosphere. Helping to travel more easily. I can feel that the $15 entrance fee is really well put to good use, haha.

Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Bridal Veil Falls Trail, the red route, at first I was afraid that I would be able to do it or not. Because there is a sign that says Hiker only, but the route doesn't require much climbing. But don't forget to have water in your bag to sip along the way.

This route is a walk along the river where we can see and hear the sound of the waterfall all the time. Plus, it's very shady because there are big trees covered along the way. Tired, just sit and rest. Dip your hand in the water and feel refreshed.

Pennell Falls

Another great spot to visit is Pennell Falls, a sprawling waterfall. And there is a walking bridge that cuts through to see the waterfall up close.

" You deserve a second chance. "

Little Bushkill Creek

Finally, meet Little Bushkill Creek and walk along the waterfall. You will meet various points such as Upper Canyon, a waterfall that flows through various rapids. It's beautiful in another way.

Bushkill Falls, Niagara, Pennsylvania

This trip is 4 people. Traveling from New York but reached the waterfall a bit late. Take a walk and take photos. The more I get into the waterfall and want to walk the red trail more, so it takes time from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, haha.

There is a beautiful waterfall in Pennsylvania. travel easily although there will be additional walkways to make traveling more convenient But it's beautiful and blends in with nature. Well worth the entrance fee paid. Who are looking for a new travel destination, I recommend you to visit Pennsylvania, the neighboring state of New York.

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I'll be back to review Pennsylvania again if there are any other places to visit. How can I follow you?