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Are you going on a road trip west coast of North America? You would normally pass through this little-known state and visit Oregon, which you rarely hear about. However, this state of the United States is full of unsuspected treasures! Between parks, mountains, lakes, hot springs, and a desert canyon, we’re going to prefer California’s little green brother! We've got you covered with a guide to the must-see attractions in Oregon, even though we couldn't see everything, the taste it gave us already makes us want to go back!
Why visit Oregon?
• With its 3 million inhabitants and an area of ​​255,026 km2, the least we can say is that there is room in Oregon! The weather in Oregon depends on the locality where you are: oceanic climate in the west of the state and continental in the east, the climate of this vast state of the American West is to allow you to have varied landscapes.
• There is 500 km of coastline along the Pacific Ocean where immense beaches, vertiginous cliffs, and romantic dunes intersect as far as the eye can see. For the youngest moviegoers among you, it's impossible not to recognize the landscapes of Twilight. The drier, more desert eastern part of Oregon. Here you will be able to see mountains and gorges, reminiscent of the iconic landscapes of the great outdoors of the Wild West.
• You can visit Oregon if you are a lover of nature, wildlife, and sports. Apart from a few American cities, like Salem or Portland, what you will come across the most in Oregon are deer! Personally, we love California for its great northern forests between Santa Rosa and Humboldt County. Spending more time in Oregon on this 7th trip to the United States made us realize that we were just in awe of the wild west coast of the USA. And it was in Oregon that we had the most beautiful displays of wildlife: deer and hinds every day, wild turkeys, black bears ...
• In this first part of the Oregon itinerary, we tell you about the part to the south, that is, closest to California. We drove up from Ashland, the first town after the California border, to Portland on our way to Washington state.
Oregon road trip: north to south through the center
Oregon is an absolutely sublime state for all lovers of nature and space. This is exactly what we look for on our travels. We had already partially visited Oregon on a previous trip to the United States (this was our 6th trip to America). This time, we took the time to go through the forests and mountains for which this state is famous.
Our Oregon travel diary starts in Ashland, which was a very pleasant surprise and a big crush. There is no American city center here. It is the first city in Oregon after crossing the border with California. Here you can see the village feel of the city, which is surrounded by trees. The center is really very charming and there are a lot of parks to visit all around the city.
Visiting Oregon without going to Ashland would be a big mistake. Just beyond the border with California, 24 kilometers to the point, Ashland is a city surrounded by nature. Here, the sun shines 200 days a year; the geographical location is, therefore, the most significant for enjoying the joys of Oregon just a stone's throw from California. The Ashland community attaches great importance to expression and art, which attracts big names in music, independent films, numerous festivals of all kinds, and a large community of artisans.