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Pennsylvania is the second highest-paying district school in the United States. Strong teacher unions, great working, and academic environments are among the main reasons that make the PA a favorite among teachers looking for a job. However, teachers' salaries vary from district to district, the number of years in the profession, and academic qualifications.
In 2015 and 2016, the average teacher in Pennsylvania earned an average of $ 65,205,000. The Pennsylvania Department of Education says salaries can go as high as $ 24,901 or go down to $ 20 depending on the cost of living in the area, the level of education, and the experience of individuals.
Here's a look at the best place to teach in Pennsylvania and the school districts that pay their teachers the best.
How many school districts are there in PA?
In Pennsylvania, there are 504 public school districts. They include 120 charter schools and 3,287 125,000 schools. Each year, these schools oversee the graduation of more than high school students.
However, school districts vary in size, with some having 200 students while others admitting over 140,000 students.
All PA public schools are funded and operate under local school boards and the General Assembly. The locals elect the members of these councils for a term of 4 years. Are you wondering how schools work?
All public schools have a principal who works under the direction of the superintendent of schools appointed by the school district board. Public schools in PA include:
• Elementary
• Intermediate
• Middle school
• High school
• The high school ;
• Technical schools
• Charter schools
Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are the largest districts in Pennsylvania, with 34,000 187,000 students, respectively. Other urban district schools are available in Lancaster, Bethlehem, Reading, Erie, and Allentown.
He distributed the other schools to the suburbs and small districts of Pennsylvania. However, 10% of the small districts have less than 1,000 1,450 students, with the highest admission rate being of XNUMX XNUMX.
On the contrary, the peri-urban districts have the greatest number of registrations. For example, three school districts in Bucks County alone have higher enrollment rates than Pittsburgh.
How much do teachers earn in PA?
As of May 2021, the average salary for a public school teacher was $ 59,133 68,267, with the range between $ 51,624 and $ XNUMX $. However, salaries vary depending on the type of school, city, additional skills, and level of expertise.
Here is a chronological list of the seven highest paying cities in Pennsylvania:
• Scranton
• Philadelphia
• Pittsburgh
• Harrisburg
• Reading
• Allentown
• Pottstown