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Information about the property: If the owner of the boat is a natural person or several, the ID of the owners will be requested, if, on the contrary, it turns out that the owner of the boat is a company (limited company, public limited company ... ) in this case, the company deeds will be requested. In the deed it will appear who is the administrator of the company if the powers are still in force ... It is common for boats to be in the name of companies due to taxation, although well, each person makes the purchase as they wish.

Photos of the boat: It is necessary because with the photos what you see is the condition of the boat and which serves as a guarantee. Also say that it is useless to deceive the financier with false photos because the boat, as with the vehicles, is physically seen before making the loan, hence the only option is to send real photos. In addition, it does not make sense to send old photos, for example when the boat is already old, making it look like a new boat since even if you have the offer presented to the finance company, it can be withdrawn and the financing operation can be cancelled.

Certificate of navigability: This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Development (General Directorate of the Merchant Marine) and basically what it means is that it authorizes said vessel to navigate, the ITB (Technical Inspection of the Ship) already passed.

Instruction permit: As with vehicles, boats also need to have a circulation permit in force. It must be said that this document together with the certificate of navigability as well as the civil liability insurance must be at all times on the boat in case it is necessary to review them in case of inspection.

Insurance: In boat loans, the customer who provides a boat as collateral is also requested to also provide the insurance that the boat has at that time. It must also be said that as with vehicles, it is mandatory.

That said, now we will explain how the boat loan is usually financed