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What Kind Of A Car Is Best Upon Renting?

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Most of us might think that it is best to rent a car with an immaculate appearance and lots of gizmos inside. However, the article states otherwise. The statistics show that of all cars involved in accidents during the last 5 years, there were no examples of such cars. What’s more, according to another study, less than 7% of initial buyers have chosen the car pretty much the same as it was presented on sale. Therefore, would you appreciate a powerful engine or would you rather have comfortable seats?

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Many people prefer comfort over speed and power. Something that has been manufactured with high-quality materials can be very reliable for years. If your wallet allows, then buy such a car and you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

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However, if your financial possibilities rather conform to the rental car standards, then you should pay more attention to other factors:


What kind of a driver are you: aggressive or calm? Do you know how to handle a vehicle or not? What is your driving style like: do you accelerate very fast, do you turn on high speeds or are you more careful? What kind of a car do your friends have: what happens if they borrow your vehicle while you are away?


You should also think about whether an automatic gearbox or manual can be more appropriate. If you are used to driving an automatic, then it will be much easier for you to handle a vehicle with automatic transmission, especially if you are abroad.


However, if the manual is what your driving license allows and it is something you have been practicing the entire time since the day of receiving your license, then we recommend that you go ahead and rent a car with manual transmission. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


As for the power of the engine, it is best to choose something that you are used to or at least have driven before. If your previous car was relatively powerful and you haven’t managed to get used to driving less powerful cars, then we recommend you opt for a car with more horsepower than what you usually drive. The same applies to the age of the car. If you (or your friends) prefer driving relatively new cars, then rent a brand new one and you won’t have to worry.

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Statistics also show that during the past five years over 70% of all accidents occurred due to human error and only 30% – due to technical issues and defects. Therefore, if you are not a person who likes to speed or drive too fast, then go ahead and rent a car with an average size engine.


We would also like to remind you that if your friends have got a lot of experience in driving a certain kind of vehicle it is best for them to drive the rented car, so as they can handle it better.