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Buying an RV is not like buying a new car. There are many more factors involved than just knowing what model you want and how much it costs. If you're planning to buy your first motorhome, trailer, fifth wheel, or even a used RV, here are some questions that can help you make the best choice for your family.  

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To get the most out of shopping for an RV, it's important to do your homework ahead of time and come prepared with some basic knowledge about RVs. While there are many things that buyers should take into account when searching for an RV - including how they will use their unit and what type of amenities they desire - there are certain questions that all prospective purchasers should be ready to pose to their dealers before buying. Here are five key queries to keep in mind when shopping for your next RV. Read More

1) What kind of warranty do you offer? An "as is" warranty should never be presented as this type of contract does nothing to protect the buyer from costly repairs down the road. The industry-standard warranty covers only mechanical systems, which only guarantees part replacement, not labor or travel expenses incurred while away from home because of a breakdown. And since no one knows exactly when something will break, extended warranties are available but usually at exorbitant prices.


2) How much do you charge for an extended warranty? This is a legitimate question because it's money in your pocket. If the dealer doesn't give you a straight answer, keep looking because this could be a red flag saying unscrupulous business practices. The mark-up on extended warranties can be as high as 2 to 2 1/2 times what they pay for them, so don't fall into that trap by signing over hard-earned cash just because the salesman tells you it's a good deal.


3) What type of RV financing do you offer? Some dealers try to convince buyers they have the best rates around when in reality, they only work with one or two banks, and those rates are usually higher than going directly to an independent bank. Ask the dealer if they have a preferred lender and what type of rates you can expect. Also, find out if they will provide you with all of your options, not just one or two choices.


4) What is your turn-around time for RV repairs? Travel trailers and fifth wheels are often under warranty, but motorhome manufacturers typically only offer limited warranties that don't include roadside assistance. This means it's up to the buyer to make arrangements for transportation to dealerships in case there's ever a problem requiring repair. Some dealers take weeks, while others can get you back on the road within 24 hours or less, depending upon their inventory. Those who work on mostly late-model units may be able to get you an overnight rental, but those who work on older RVs can't afford such luxuries. Ask if they have transportation services available and what the fee is for using them.


5) What types of recreational vehicles do you sell? If all they ever sell or service is just one brand, then it's time for a change because competition breeds excellence, and that's exactly what you'll find at dealerships that represent different lines of new and used motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Read more: